Tampa, Fl

Bio: I'm a single father of 4 teenagers trying to get by like most people. I use this blog as my weekly therapy session. For most of my life I considered myself a conservative republican, but I've made the logical slide into libertarianism since George Bush's(43) second term. My blog deals mainly with my take on current events and general political philosophy. I was turned on to libertarianism by accident when I stumbled upon Milton Friedman's appearance on Donahue while surfing on YouTube. I don't reference major libertarian philosopher's much, mainly because I don't read them very often. What I heard Friedman saying struck a chord and I actively sought out everything I could find on YouTube about him, but after that I wanted to develop my own theories and political philosophy. I call my blog unscientific because I have no academic credentials to suggest otherwise. I'm a regular guy with a regular college degree. I think a lot of people know what they believe, but not why they believe it. This was certainly true in may case. It took George Bush's 2nd term to get me to delve into the "why's" of my political ideology. I found that the non-aggression principle fit nicely with what I had already discovered about myself. I guess I will call myself libertarian until a better descriptor comes along, but so far I haven't found one.

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  1. I need to speak to you in regards to your blog on the ugly history of marriage. Your email on profile will not work.


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