Modern Feminism and Why it Fails

I think it’s about time I wrote something on feminism. Actually, my daughter asked me to write about it. I have 4 kids, including the oldest daughter, boy/girl twins and the youngest boy. I’ve always had a fondness for strong female leads in movies and TV shows. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my all-time favorite shows. The only sport I follow is MMA through the UFC, and Rhonda Rousey is currently my favorite fighter. The point is, I don’t hate women. To modern feminism, that doesn’t matter, the fact that I am male means that I must objectify Buffy and Rhonda, and therefore I hate women. This is why the movement is doomed to fail.


  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.
synonyms: the women’s movement, the feminist movement, women’s liberation, female emancipation, women’s rights;

informalwomen’s lib

“a longtime advocate of feminism”

Seems like common sense. Who doesn’t want equality right? I’m sorry, that was the old feminism, you know, the one from the turn of the century advocating that laws and rights be equally applied to both men and women. Advocating that any law that applies to men such as voting and owning property should also apply to women. Nothing special, just equal opportunity under the law. Those were truly pioneer women, in some cases literally killing themselves for equality. This blog is not about that kind of feminism, it’s about modern feminism.

Modern Feminism is a movement that advocates for equality of outcome over all areas of life where men and women interact, using a wide range of social, political and legal means.

This isn’t about equal opportunity, it’s about equality of outcome. Modern feminism is based in victimology. What I mean is feminists always see women as victims of some injustice or another, by definition. In video games, in the movies, in TV and in life, women are always victims of the whims of men. We’ve all heard terms like, “objectify”, “misogynist” and “patriarchal”. I used to think they were just a natural group of insults hurled by man-hating, liberal idiots, but in doing a little research for this blog I found out that there is such a thing as “feminist science”, that produces theories based in what can only be described as feminist reality. This is a reality that does not resemble the one you and I are familiar with. Now I realize that when feminists try to ban words like “bossy”, or force employers to pay women more based on a myth that women make $0.77 for each dollar a man makes, they aren’t just man-hating, liberal idiots but man-hating liberal idiots using “science”. I also found out that they hate liberal men just as much as any other group of men, so at least there’s that.

One of the foundations that modern feminism is based on is the “subject/object dichotomy. Basically, this states that subjects act and objects are acted upon. Objects can’t have a true human identity and/or feelings because they are just objects and can’t be seen any other way. As an example let’s look at video games where women appear in scantily clad outfits while men soldiers go around shooting them, or using them, or whatever else happens in video games, (sorry, I don’t play video games). Since men are acting out in the fantasy world of the game it means that the women characters are simply objects within the games structure and therefore less than human. Therefore men will objectify women in the real world. Therefore the games must be either changed or banned. How about a real world example? Strip clubs. Men go into strip clubs simply to view naked women. They don’t want to know these women as people, they don’t want to know their names, their struggles in life, they just want to ogle them and go home. Men objectifying women. Misogyny. Patriarchy.

The problem with this is illustrated when you apply this kind of logic to other areas of life. Any kind of buyer/seller relationship could be characterized this way. When you buy your groceries you don’t care what the cashier’s name is that rings you up so you are objectifying them. When a doctor treats a patient, all they care about is treating the illness, they are objectifying them. The other thing that illustrates the insanity of this position is that there are two sides to every transaction. Let’s look at a strip club from the stripper’s perspective. You go to work and dance around for nameless, faceless, ever changing “Johns” riding them of their money. When their money runs out, they leave and are replaced with another one. Who is objectifying whom? The patient is using the doctor for the sole purpose of getting well. They don’t care about the doctor’s home life. The cashier is getting paid to scan groceries, they don’t care about the customer as a person. There are two sides to every transaction. In a consumer driven society the subject/object equals out. In other words, it is non-existent.

Modern day feminists believe that only men are subjects and only women can be made objects and therefore every action a man takes objectifies women, no matter what. Good deed, bad deed, no deed, you as a man are a misogynist, patriarchal objectifier. This is why silly notions like all sex is rape are prevalent among the ideology of hard core and mainstream feminism. This is also why the modern feminist movement is generally not popular among women and is ultimately failing. The most ironic thing about the modern feminist movement is that in order to support the position held by feminists, you would have to believe that women are in essence inferior to men and therefore laws must be passes to protect them against the patriarchy.

Whether you like it or not, the world was built by men, in virtually every way. The roads, bridges, buildings, businesses are all residue of the efforts of mostly men. That is an ugly fact, but a fact none the less. Women were subjugated for millennia. Women were treated no better than property for the better part of mankind’s existence. Another ugly, but true fact. That is not to say that there were no women involved in building this society, just that most of the labor was done by men. There have been exceptions to the rule throughout history like Madame Curie and Joan of Arc just to name two.

The feminist movement of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s sacrificed life and limb to change the way women were treated by the law. They succeeded in removing the legal barriers, but the infrastructure remained. Equal opportunity is true feminism. Women now have choices. Just because a self-proclaimed feminist doesn’t like the choice doesn’t make it patriarchy. Women making choices is a good thing. Staying home and having babies, getting ahead in the workforce, a combination of both or neither are choices that should not be judged by other women. Equality of outcome removes choices and thereby sets women back 100 years. It’s funny how every feminist in the effort to ban the word “bossy”, claims to have been called bossy as young girls and yet still were able to make millions and even billions of dollars anyway. I’m all for my daughters being feminists, just not modern ones, but that is really up to them. I want them to protect themselves, make their own choices, live their own lives on their own terms and own their place in this world, wherever it takes them.

Feminism doesn’t decide what job a woman can and can’t do, women do. Feminism doesn’t decide what games women should or should not play, women do. Feminism doesn’t decide what women should or shouldn’t buy, women do. I have an idea, instead of being feminists, liberals, conservatives, this race or that gender, why don’t we try just being human insead?


6 thoughts on “Modern Feminism and Why it Fails

  1. An interesting take into modern feminism. For me modern feminism has gone beyond women’s rights into equal rights. Most prefer the name “equalitarianism” instead of “feminism”, I personally find it irrelevant. The feminist movement that I am part of is to see men and women equal; for example women being as well paid as men, but also men having chance to be stay at home dads. The reason I became a feminist was because of my father – single dad that worked 3 jobs to get me into a good school. Everyone talked to me about “mother’s love” and “where is your mother” and “the best thing in the world is the mother”, which was and is extremely irritating to hear. Even more is the way my father was treated by my friend’s [married] parents: “what is wrong with him that he can´t keep a wife?”

    Some feminists are very much into “objectification” – a very popular thing to talk about. I am much more into allowing people to be who and how they want to be. I get angered by feminists that say women have to be powerful and determined because there are women that want to be stay at home moms and not CEO’s. Yes, there should be equal opportunity and equal appreciation for both genders; women CEO’s, men sex workers, women layers, men “stay at home husbands”. I dare say that women are STILL objectified in the media, but so are men. It is an obsession, a habit, a problem.

    Feminism has changed since the early 1900’s, so I am curious where you read about this “modern feminism” because it seems a bit strange from my own point of view of what “modern feminism” is.

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    • Thanks for the comment sophie. I am in a similar situation as your father, single father of 4 kids. I wanted to make it clear that I was separating feminism from modern feminism. Equal rights and equal opportunity are vastly different from equal outcome. In preparation I went to feminist websites, watched feminist videos like Anita sarkeesian, which led to other videos. If you look up Anita sarkeesian on youtube you will be bombarded with anti – Anita videos and I watched a few of those too.

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      • Thanks, I will check her out 🙂

        Respect to you as a single dad (I suspect you don’t get as much praise as single mothers). Raising one child might be hard enough, four must be quite a challenge a times. Cheers!

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  2. What I tell my kids is that you have equal opportunity right now. What that means is that there is nothing under the law that in the private sector that is legal for a man to do but illegal for a woman to do. As an individual, you are the master of your own destiny. It is not illegal for women to make as much money as a man, it’s not illegal for women to be ceo’s, I can’t think of any situation in the private sector where men have a legal advantage. why would feminists use the government to get what they want? That’s not equality. That’s advocating for special rights only women would have.

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  3. […] Leaders in the modern feminist movement, as well as the larger social justice movement, have embraced the socialist worldview and developed a system of hierarchy, sometimes called the “progressive stack” to determine who is privileged and who is not. The stack itself goes something like: 1. Race 2. Heteronormativity 3. Gender 4. Sexuality 5. Ability 6. Class 7. Religion. The group with the most privilege using this hierarchy would be white, cis-gendered, male, straight, able bodied, rich, Christian. The devil incarnate. It’s hard to say who would be at the bottom of the list because there is a constant fight for who can claim the status of most oppressed. I’ve written before on Social Justice Warriors, and Why Feminism Fails. […]

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