It’s a Conspiracy, Man!


I want to take a little time this week to talk about conspiracy theories. It seems like there are so many out there that it is hard to keep track of them all. Libertarians seem to get caught up in them more than most for some reimagesXIRKE86Gason. Of course not every libertarian, or even a sizable fraction of libertarians are conspiracy nuts, it just seems that way because of people like Alex Jones and the like. Libertarians are actually more informed than Republicans or Democrats on political philosophy. This is true because in order to call yourself a L(l)ibertarian there would have had to, at one point or another, been some reading done as to what exactly L(l)ibertarians believe and why. This is not true for the major parties. Generally, you are a Republican or Democrat based on what your parents were, much like religion. You might be wondering at this point, for instance, what the difference is between a Libertarian and a libertarian. Google it. If you decide to do that you will run across terms like, “classic liberal”, “minarchist”, “anarcho-capitalist”, “anarchist” and a bunch of others. When you look at who believes conspiracy theories, Democrats do when a Republican is in office, Republicans do when a Democrat is in office and Libertarians do when either is in office. I think we fall into the conspiracy trap is due to our visceral mistrust of the government.

The big conspiracy theory making the rounds this week is the military training operation Jade Helm 15 and the Walmart closings. The conspiracy theory goes something like this, Walmart is being paid by the government to turn the 5 closed stores into FEMA death camps when Jade Helm 15 starts actually pulling people out of their homes during the military exercise that is just a cover and precursor to martial law. The home invasions and town raids will be videotaped to be used later in news stories. The stock untitled (4)footage will be used as brand new footage of an enemy invasion, and paid actors will be used to reenact riot scenes, much like the Boston marathon bombings. The media will act as willing accomplices in the charade, of course. Obviously since there will be the appearance of an invasion, Obama will have to declare martial law on the whole country and postpone elections indefinitely, making him the permanent president and eventually dictator supreme. I’m sorry if I missed anything. That was actually just a hodge-podge of all the different theories I read about on Facebook this week.

Seriously? Can we not do this please? 9/11, Eugenics, New World Order, Illuminati, chem-trails, Rothschilds, killer vaccinations, moon landing hoax, Kennedy assassination, population control, Builderberg, Katrina, Boston Marathon bombings, Sandy hook and the countless others I can’t think of off the top of my head weren’t enough? Now we have to add Walmart FEMA death camps? At least do me the favor of finding out how martial law works before you go down this road. Do me the favor of looking at much simpler explanations if you don’t like the “plumbing issues” reason given by Walmart. The labor union dispute reason that some are claiming is at least plausible, but who knows? Do me the favor of resisting the urge to comment on the articles written by unknown authors, writing for little know websites, shared by anonymous people on a Facebook page with thousands of followers that advocate for this conspiracy theory(or some version of it). Do me a favor and let this one die. When we perpetuate these kinds of things it makes it much more difficult to have serious conversations about things that really matter.

Fimages (7)eel free to share this opinion as a rebuttal to those articles if you feel like you have to comment on it. I’m an unknown author, writing an obscure blog no one reads. It will fit right in.


8 thoughts on “It’s a Conspiracy, Man!

  1. Not every conspiracy theory is unfathomable, and not every person who questions the “official” story on major events (especially in light of mountains of evidence contrary to what we’re told happened) makes someone a “nut.”

    Are there rumors, theories, and stories circulating in the world today that are outlandish and only serve to impugn legitimate, reasonable, probes into major events? Sure. But we musn’t throw the baby out with the bath water, lest we forget that condemnation without investigation is the height of arrogance.


    • No doubt, some theories are nuttier than others. Most of the conspiracy theories out there are unprovable and unfalsifiable. The list of them I rattled off mostly fit that bill. Except for vaccines maybe. That one can be proven undeniably wrong. All I ask is that before someone cries walmart FEMA death camp they show undeniable proof. Then I’ll listen.


  2. I agree. Sometimes I simply shake my head at some of the stuff out there, but I have decided to approach all of these things with an open mind. Otherwise would be dismissing something merely from the argument of incredulity, and that is not an honest way to go through life. I’ve lived long enough to learn that sometimes, some of the most outlandish things are possible.


    • I try very hard to have an open mind. I admit that it’s hard sometimes,depending on the conspiracy. I ask myself a few basic questions like, is this conspiracy physically feasable? How many people would this conspiracy require to maintain? If the answer is more than a handful, the probability that it’s true diminishes at a rate conversely proportional to the number of people involved.


  3. If getting past how many people would be needed for an operation is difficult for you (which I understand), just remember that not everyone has to know the entire picture of what they’re participating in. They just have to do the job they’ve been given.

    Also, if our country had gone through with Operation Northwoods, how many people do you think we would have needed to pull off that event?

    Methinks that if Kennedy had not rejected Operation Northwoods, today we’d be discussing the merits of the conspiracy about that time that we invaded Cuba because Castro (allegedly) downed one of our planes.

    A government that can propose Operation Northwoods, is a government capable of many things we would never believe.


    • I’ve never heard of operation Northwoods,but have no doubt there are secrets,horrifying ones even. Especially when dealing with the military. When you mix public and private entities, things get less likely. I don’t begrudge anyone’s right to look into anything they find interesting, especially historical stuff. Conspiracy theories involving Kennedy or lincoln are more fun than harmful. Walmart fema death camp takes eyes off important stuff.


      • True. But I cannot comment on (dismiss or support) WM DCs theories because I know nothing about them.

        As for Operation Northwoods, you may want to put aside some time to research that one. Very, very, very eye opening (did I say very?). A simple google search will get you started.

        Happy researching.


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  4. Matt Wilson, despite how long ago this was, the conspiracy theories which I am most fascinated by are those surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Other conspiracy theories, such as 9/11 being an inside job, I find hard to believe. The only way that I would be convinced of that is if there was a proven stand down order issued by the President or whoever had the authority to issue such an order.


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