Having Your Cake, and Eating It Too

I struggled a little this week to find a topic of discussion. I’ve been too busy with holiday parties, Christmas stuff and life in general. I decided to go back to a theme that has been quietly and not so quietly present in most of my blogs, and deserves a proper mention. When you ask most democrats what the difference is between a republican and a democrat, or a conservative and a liberal, you will hear things like, democrats for common people and republicans are for rich people. Conservatives are against gay people, women and minorities, liberals like to help people. A typical republican answer might be that republicans like lower taxes and democrats like high taxes. Conservatives are moral and liberals are hedonistic socialists. The actual differences lie in the size of government that each party and group prefer. Republicans tend to like a less powerful central government where states have more power and democrats prefer a large central government that treats everyone the same. While what actually happens while each party is actually in power is very similar, I’m going to take the under riding principles at their word and speak to those people who think our federal government’s job should be to help people. I’m not sure if there is an actual term for these people. Libertarians call them statists. Being called a “statist”, by a libertarian can be done in a few different ways. Adjective- “Stop being a statist idiot!” Noun- “Stop being a statist idiot! You statist!” It’s basically not good.

The problem with these statist type of people is that they want to have their cake, an all-powerful and giving government taking from the rich to feed the poor, but they don’t want that government to interfere with their lives, eating the cake. What these people apparently don’t get is that when you cede all that power to a central government, you basically hand them your freedom to take care of as well. For instance, if you were to eat to the point of being bed ridden and asked a nurse to take care of you, that nurse gets to pick how they take care of you. It’s really that simple. You can scream for all the Twinkies in the world, but that nurse does not have to give them to you. If you give your government the power to dictate your freedom, security, income, healthcare, housing, food, what you can and cannot buy, sell or own, they have that power, you cease to. There is no case in which you share your freedom once you give it away.

Who cares? We have a benevolent government that concerns itself with helping the less fortunate and it only enhances and protects my freedom. If that were true it would follow that where in the country we have the largest government there is the most freedom. Is this so? Certainly the freest parts of the country would be the poor inner cities with all the public housing, public transportation and large police presence right? No? Certainly, then, the safest people in America live where the government protects them with rigorous gun laws and highly regulated businesses, right? The truth is that where you find a large governmental presence, you find the most oppressed people. Where you find the people most helped by government, you find the people who are least able to help themselves.

Our government, while better than most, is not immune to power. There are two sides to every coin. If you want a government that enforces you freedom, expect some enforcement. They are able to make the rules because they have the biggest guns. You want your government to make people to behave a certain way, expect that other people will want the government to make you behave a certain way. You want your government to take from some to give to others, expect that you will have something taken from you. If you live your life completely dependent on government, understand that they own you and can do with you what they wish. There is no such thing as something for nothing where our government is concerned. Every time a law is passed, you give up a little of your freedom. What’s worse, you give up a little of my freedom. Stop it.


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