Stupid Americans…

This week I thought I would write about what seems to be a general attitude by liberals regarding the American people as a whole. In light of the recent unearthing of multiple video’s showing Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber touting his achievements in writing the Affordable Care Act in such a way as to get around the “stupidity of the American voter.” What he meant was that for some reason American’s don’t like to be taxed. If he would have written the law truthfully then it would have been called a tax, but since the stupid citizens of this country don’t really know what’s good for them, they had to write this healthcare tax bill in such a way as to not look like a tax or it wouldn’t have passed. The other main quote being replayed over and over again is the quote regarding the so called “Cadillac tax”. You can watch the whole video here. He is lamenting the fact that wages are taxed but healthcare is not. Gruber sees this as a travesty because, after all, everything in the whole world should be taxed. He also equates lack of taxes to healthcare subsidies, meaning, in his mind the lack of government revenues from all these healthcare taxes that they are missing out on is seen as money given back to people and businesses that are supplying their workers with healthcare coverage. He also sees this situation as “regressive”, because if it was taxed like it should be, rich people would be paying higher taxes on healthcare than poor people, but it’s not, so they’re not. Rich people not paying taxes on everything is wrong on, well every level imaginable apparently. So what is poor Jonathan to do? He wants to tax those rich people with their good insurance so bad he can’t stand it, but those pesky, stupid voters won’t let him. Don’t they know these people are rich? Since he can’t convince them that not taxing health insurance is a “subsidy”, and that means paying people to have healthcare, and rich people shouldn’t be paid to have a better policy than regular people, he decides that he has to find a way to tax those rich people’s policy a different way because, “Americans are too stupid to know the difference.” I said all that to put his comments into context. What is going on here is nothing new. The liberal elite in this country since Woodrow Wilson until now have thought that they know better than the average citizen how to live their life, make decisions and what is good for them.

This attitude of arrogance generally comes from academia. These people who live in a bubble, who look at everything in the hypothetical, academic sense. They simply can’t understand why the general public doesn’t want them to solve all the problems of life. They see us as a petulant child that needs to take medicine, but we don’t want to swallow the pill. They have to hide it in our food and trick us into taking it. They know what’s best after all. Gruber, like many of them, collect millions of our tax dollars for the express purpose of tricking us into letting him “help” us. This arrogance trickles into almost every aspect of our lives. They say to us, oh, we’ll take this little bit of responsibility off your shoulders so you can concentrate on what really matters. Once they have one little bit of your life under their control they take more. We’ll make your car safer, so you won’t have to worry about that anymore. We’ll make your healthcare better and decide what coverage you should have. It’s a complicated issue, let me do the thinking for you. These light bulbs are better, this toilet is better, this way of building your house is better, trust me, and I’ll do the thinking for you. This approach to governing is called “incramentalism”. The best analogy is the old adage that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water it will immediately jump out, but if you put a frog into room temperature water it will stay there. If you heat the water slowly enough it will boil the frog. We are almost boiling.

How many of you noticed that America is no longer among the top freest nations on the planet anymore? How many noticed that we are no longer near the top of the freest economies in the world? How many have noticed that our freedom of association is not what it once was? Did you notice that our dollar is on the verge of collapse? Do you know how our money system works? I ask you these questions to illustrate the point that our freedoms have been slowly taken away from us for 100 years now, regardless of which party is in power and we haven’t noticed. It is time to understand what is going on around us. Most people think that we as a nation are 18 trillion in debt. We are actually 115 trillion in debt. They simply don’t count social security, Medicare and prescription drugs debt in the equation. That is about 1 million dollars of debt for every working person in America. As a nation we produce a little over 17 trillion dollars worth of stuff. You do the math. Stop giving these people the power to “fix” things.

I apologize for the venting, but I simply cannot stand these people who legislate our lives for us because we are too stupid to live it correctly on our own.


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