Beautiful Chaos

I spent this evening like many people, watching election returns. I hardly ever watch the news, but tonight I gleefully toggled between the networks to see who was winning, what the pundits were saying, who the democrats blamed, who the republicans credited. It was a beautiful chaos. It was by all accounts a republican sweep. Most certainly a referendum on the policies of an overbearing government. An overbearing president, in a long line of overbearing presidents. I think I will use this occasion to assuage the fears of democrats reading this and temper the joy of the republicans.

First things first, I am very happy to see a republican majority in both the congress and senate. Do I believe everything that the republicans believe? No. Where I tend to agree, though, is on financial issues. I probably fall in line with democrats on social issues, although from a very different angle. Let me assure all the democrats, liberals, progressives, etc…, at no point during this republican majority will any of your rights be taken away. Republicans do not hate women, the poor, or any other group of people. As a former republican I can assure you that your average republican and democrat elected official see the same problems, it is the solutions to those problems where the differences come. Republicans tend to have people based solutions, whereas democrats tend to have government based solutions. You will not lose your right to abort your baby or take birth control. Text books in your child’s science class will not be filled with information from the bible regarding evolution or the age of the earth. In fact, more likely than not, absolutely nothing will change when those new congressmen and senators go to “work”.

To the republicans, this was a great victory. I am fully on board. Our current financial state is in much more dire straits than our social one is. I sincerely apologize to you gay couples who can’t get married and pot heads who can’t fire up that doobie because republicans like to legislate your morality. I can honestly tell you that I personally voted for none of these republicans and I support your right to do both of those things. The thing is, if we don’t get the size of our government and debt under control, you won’t have a country to get married in for much longer. I would beg the new congress people and senators to do something constructive while you are there. I have no doubt that President Obama will veto every bill you put on his table, but you need to make him work. Make him veto a balanced budget amendment. Make him veto the repeal of Obamacare. Make him veto Social Security, Medicare and entitlement reform. Make him veto tax reform, the reduction of corporate welfare, corn subsidies and any one of a hundred other things that need to be done. Make him veto a smaller government.

Make no mistake, over the next two years absolutely nothing will get done, (hopefully). If they do their job right we will be almost government free. If our president decides to go around congress with executive orders and unconstitutional means, (and his track record says he will), call him out… do something about it. In the meantime, we will try to explain to them why gay people getting married doesn’t hurt anyone. I implore the newly crowned representatives not to use this opportunity to acquiesce to Obama’s whim to bomb every other 3rd world country on the map while arming the bad guys we just got done bombing a few seconds ago. I know it must be fun to have the purse strings to the button, but find some restraint. I sincerely hope that I will not have to apologize for this post in two years’ time.


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